Lord Of Beads -On the Quest of the Rarest Beads

1.	Lord of Beads brings you a hot new selection of ancient bead jewelry that appeals to your modern sensibilities while preserving the romance of an era gone by.

Quite some time ago, in the year 1993 to be precise, Lord of Beads came across a beautiful looking stone. Though it had become dull with age, it still retained ample evidence of its former glory. Lord of Beads might not have known anything about the history of stone, but he was a true connoisseur of beauty and that much is sure. He knew that he has stumbled over something exceptional, and so began a quest that was to become the PASSION OF A LIFETIME.

In a bid to understand his treasure better he decided to go on a journey to unearth the origin of this stone that he held in his hand. Over the years, his quest led him to different destinations especially in the Middle East and Egypt. He went across markets in Iraq, Egypt, and Syria to understand stones better. It was a journey of discovery. He started knowing more about ancient beads, their origin, their significance, their use, and most importantly their demand in the markets.

Like him, there were many people across the globe who loved to possess ancient beads in different forms. So, Lord of Beads decided why not to start selling them after restoring their original glory! As a tentative step, he started trading beads for some time, only to quit for few years. He felt that the knowledge he has garnered regarding the beads might be vast but not sufficient for him to attain success as an entrepreneur. So he took time off to regroup his thoughts and started making strong plans for the future.

During his hiatus, Lord of Beads was planning his moves carefully. He wanted to show to the world what he could achieve with the precious findings he loved so much. So with a new plan in place and a fresh zeal he again started hunting beads in Egypt. It was the year 2012. You will be happy to know that since then he has never looked back. With this passion for ancient beads, Lord of Beads started in his own workshop designing and making ancient bead jewelry. He started introducing new silver and gold. Currently he is trading in Ancient Beads and Ancient Bead Jewelry both ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Lord of Beads has some of the rarest beads from the Middle East, Near East and Egypt.

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