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What are mala beads?

If you know what a Mala is then you probably find them inspiring and beautiful. Mala beads are becoming very popular in the fashion world, especially among celebrities who are into yoga, meditation, and other conscious lifestyles. Malas are tools for japa mantra meditation but they can also be worn as fashionable yoga jewelry. Malas are also known as Buddha beads, Tibetan rosaries, or meditation beads. If you want one but just don't know how to choose one let me give you some advice! I’ve been using, buying and wearing these Buddhist and Hindu prayer beads for over ten years, so I’ve got a few great tips on how to choose the best one for you.
Authentic Mala Beads

How do I choose a Mala?

The main tip is straightforward—you have to use your intuition! You don't need to make choosing a mala complicated. If you've been drawn to a specific color all your life, or you just see a mala somewhere in a store, or you see it online, and it just calls to you, follow that initial gut feeling. Go for it. That's going to be the best Mala for you. You cannot go wrong with your initial gut feeling. Something out there is telling you that you need it and just go for it.
Secondly, you should not rush picking out a set of meditation mala beads, and I encourage you to really take your time. Maybe right now you are feeling like you want to get every mala you see so perhaps just take your time a little bit in the morning while sitting in meditation. Close your eyes and just imagine or ask The universe, what if you may have a Mala? What would it look like? How would it feel? What is your intention? What do you want to do with it? You may see an image in your hands or you may not, or just get a feeling or get nothing. But indeed, ask and see what the universe provides and just keep your eyes open because you never know exactly what the universe is going to throw out there. Your answer might be a little bit different than you think it is!
Ancient Crystal Mala Bead I personally, trust my intuition and listen to my intuition when I select a new mala or when I create custom mala beads. And how that happens is when a client comes to me, very often they have a precise intention, or I have them fill out a questionnaire about what types of things that they want on their mala, if they're very interested in the design aspect of it or just what's going on in their life. And sometimes I sit in meditation just like I mentioned, or sometimes a feeling just comes that I know very often just like that this is the gemstone that is for them. It's just, it just kind of comes out. So, that's how I choose. I definitely take a moment to listen deep within. Sometimes it doesn't come to me right away, so I'll let it sit for a few days and just make sure I'm keeping my energy really open and listening to my intuition as well as the questions I’m asking.

Need help choosing?

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If you need more advice on how to choose a mala, check out Japa Mala Bead’s website as they have tons of great information on how to select malas and mantras as well as an amazing selection of beads.

Mala Bead benefits

Many people believe that the mala absorbs energy from your practice, the sort of electromagnetic energy and the blessings and the prayer. So over the years your mala beads will change and become very special. Many times I've picked them all up, and I can feel something about the practitioner, and I can feel their, good nature and their kind heart and it's a beautiful thing.

Types of Mala Beads

Mala beads are made of semi-precious stone, but you can also find them made with other traditional materials like sandalwood, Ebony, tulsi, rudraksha or Rosewood beads. Choosing a material is a very personal choice, and you should choose malas based on what feels best to you. There are many different meanings to the many types of mala beads regarding what the beads are used for, so it is helpful to know this in addition to how to use it.

Japa Mala Beads
You'll see a lot of yogis wearing mala prayer beads, and there's a big debate whether that's okay or if it is considered improper. I do wear my mala beads often, and I have a gemstone mala that I love to wear, so it can serve as a beautiful reminder of my meditation practice and my intentions.
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